The Bog Tag

The Bog Tag

The Bog Tag™ is very special to We Cre8 Design. Our very own Julie Woertz, President + Lead Designer of We Cre8 Design, invented this patented dog product line in 2016. The Bog Tag™ is exploding in sales and was recently featured in Modern Dog Magazine as the “Perfect Present” and Pet Business Magazine to name a few. Tired of correcting fellow dog lovers who mistake your pretty girl for a handsome boy, or vice versa? Avoid the confusion with one glance at the bright pink or blue BOG Tag attached to your dog’s collar. This ultimate gender ID tag is the simple and stylish answer for taking the guesswork out of socializing with your dog. No more “Don’t Look Under Me™” moments when introducing your dog with The Bog Tag™!

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August 14, 2018