Fat Baby Tacos

Fat Baby Tacos

Fat Baby Tacos, the taco restaurant from neighboring Boss Bar, opened in River North in 2017 and is serving delicious tacos daily. At its core, Fat Baby Tacos is… bold, lively, and down-right delicious. The menu is packed with approachable fresh-casual Latin cuisine—tacos bursting with slow-roasted meats wrapped in homemade tortillas, tantalizing tamales, and bountiful burritos—prepared to fit each guests’ individual cravings. Rounding out the taqueria’s flavor-packed menu are starters and sides, salads, and pozoles. The diverse drink selection includes hand-crafted draft cocktails, sangrias, as well as agua frescas and a vegan coconut milk horchata. Rooted at the intersect of satisfying simplicity seasoned with dashes of daring, Fat Baby Tacos guarantees to make guests DROOL.

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August 13, 2018