ELITeXPO Cargo Systems

ELITeXPO Cargo Systems

We designed 2 versions for the 30 Year Anniversary Logo for ELITeXPO Cargo Systems. We also designed the “diner” themed logo that was placed throughout the Exhibitor Live Tradeshow booth in Las Vegas 2019. ELITeXPO provides products and services to companies that exhibit at tradeshows worldwide. Founded in 1987 by David and Leslie Mihalik, Elite Cargo focused ourselves as being a carrier of computer hardware, software and high tech materials. In 1990, a name change to ELITeXPO Cargo Systems was required when the cargo mix had changed from high tech to trade show and trade show materials. Larger facilities and airport access prompted a move to Bensenville near Chicago’s O’Hare airport. After a few years it was evident to both David and Leslie that the Trade Show Industry was going to be the focus and the future of the company. ELITeXPO continued on our path of tradeshow industry innovations and high level shipping service.

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Logo Design


August 13, 2018