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For Women, Ltd.

Personalized Care for Women – A new concept of comprehensive obstetrical & gynecological care in Chicago. The philosophy of For Women, Ltd is to offer the best gynecological and obstetrical care with a personalized touch. If you are pregnant, Dr. Javier Fajardo will ensure that your pregnancy runs as smoothly as possible. He is the only doctor you will see throughout the nine months of pregnancy and also the doctor who will deliver your baby at Prentice Women’s Hospital. If you need gynecological treatment, Dr. Fajardo offers a myriad of minimally invasive options to treat different conditions. Dr. Fajardo is extremely easy-to-reach, cordially dedicating his time to your concerns – whether they involve gynecology or obstetrics. Even when you are not at his office or the hospital, he encourages any questions you may have via email or phone. To step into Dr. Fajardo’s Chicago office is to experience a sanctuary of serenity – with dimmed lighting and soothing music. It’s an elegant environment that is peaceful and calming because your comfort is paramount.
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